#OneChange 2014 Vega

Hi guys! and Happy New Year!

Everyone is doing it, right? The dreaded “New years resolution” thingy…

Well, I’m always looking to better myself, so it’s my turn

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 10.42.20 AM

My first time ever!!! I finally registered for an IRONMAN triathlon race!! My supporters Vega heard about my good news and has sent me a gift! Check it out

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 10.41.46 AM

So, not only is my one little change this year, hitting the pool/open water daily, but also trying to squeeze in 100 kilometers/70 miles a week on the bike (plus my weekly avg of 40k run) *Oh dear, what did I just do?*

I’m doing Ironman Muskoka Sept 7/14. Friends and professionals raced this course before and said it was “one of the hilliest IM out there!” They joked and even went on saying “you’ll even swim up hill.” haha

What’s #OneChange you guys have started or now will now start this year? Tell me, I wanna know :)

As you can expect, myVega.com are big believers that feeling and performing your best in the long term, can start with a single, small, step. So, to kick-start the New Year, #TeamVega and Canadian Paleo Athlete wants to inspire the world to thrive by making #OneChange in 2014!

If you’re on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag: #OneChange. Our friends at Vega will be watching :)

www.myvega.com/onechange is now live and check out the goodness that’s happening there.

Watch for my up coming HUGE Vega giveaway in the coming weeks to help with your training.

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