Eating Healthy Making You Sick? Chia Seeds…

I’ve been feeling ill lately. Like, a lot. You know the feeling, the watery mouth, stomach pains, no energy.

Let’s troubleshoot, shall we; “Was it something I ate? Anything new did I introduce to my diet?” I felt like barfing four times the past two weeks and I’m NEVER sick, this was odd! The only thing it all narrowed down to was chia seeds. I did some research and found others that have the same problem as I do.

First off, I’ve leaned that people with low blood pressure (moi) shouldn’t be taking chia seeds. The seeds apparently lower blood pressure, and if blood pressure goes to low, a person could go into shock and or even die! I didn’t die, so I just felt like the others; felt like getting sick hours after digesting the seed. Come to think of it, remember my “Unwell Paleo” post? Guess what I had just hours before? Ā Yup, chia seeds…

Although a high-fiber diet is normally considered healthy, the American Dietetic Association warns that high-fiber foods such as chia seeds can cause gas and intestinal bloating. If you find yourself dealing with digestive problems after you start taking chia, cut back on the amount until your system adjusts. Take in mind, I’ve only ever took at one time, two teaspoons! So, not that much at all.

I feel that no matter how “healthy” chia seeds are for me, I detest feeling sick. I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna continue taking the seeds in my Protein shakes. I can’t stomach it – See what I did there? šŸ˜€

Is there anything that makes you sick that is “healthy” for us? I’d love to chat about it, leave a comment below.

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